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Are you interested in donating to DeepWardly on a monthly, recurring basis? First, THANK YOU! Your support is necessary to provide ministries and services, as well as to construct the retreat cottage! Just use the link below to set up a monthly, recurring donation! May God bless you! 

I desire to partner with you in providing people with opportunities to connect more intimately with Christ! Spiritual formation, through retreats, presentations, books, and an online school, is the mission of DeepWardly. The future of that mission is the DeepWardly Retreat Cottage in central Arkansas! Let's work together to make it a reality!

An architect is currently working on plans for the cottage. The next step is to acquire 2-4 acres of land in the Sherwood, AR area that is urban enough to be accessible to clients, but rural enough to create a retreat atmosphere. In order for you and I to accomplish this next step, we need to raise about $40,000. That sounds like a LOT to me, but I know that nothing is impossible for God, and, I know there are many faith-filled men and women who share my passion for spiritual formation and share my desire for others to be more intimately connected with Christ. To donate, just click the "go fund me" link below, orcontact me directly. May God bless you!

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