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Clark & Brittany Watson

Carlo Feranil

Michael Elliott

Joe and Julie Molinaro

Becky Russell

Bill & Lynda Elliott

Alice Rhoden

Brenda Leger

Anna Styn

​Jon & Shyril Savary​​

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Steve & Paula Sharum

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DeepWardly Spiritual Direction Services

501-478-5060        Tom@DeepWardly.com​​


Mark and Tonya Thomas

Ron and Ann Lensing

Mike and Donna Stec



People of all faiths and backgrounds will find a place of rest and spiritual renewal at the Retreat Cottage by DeepWardly, LLC!

The ministry at DeepWardly currently consists of meeting one-on-one in Spiritual Direction with about eighty men and women each month from around the world. In addition to that ministry, I offer retreats, presentations, books, and online spiritual formation materials. While that might sound like a lot, there is one meaningful ministry that is currently missing—overnight retreats. That is going to change soon, though!


​Mike and Kathey Boze

George and Tammy Burrell

​​Carol Slattery​​​

Fr. Jack Sidler​

Kath Hale

​Dr. Max & Peggy Baker

The Retreat Cottage is Coming Soon!


Jacob Sanders

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Are you interested in making monthly contributions to the Retreat Cottage? Thank You! Just select an option below!



There are two great ways to be a part of the DeepWardly retreat cottage ministry—gifts and memorials. As you can see below, there are three levels of gifts. Regardless of your gift, I am grateful for your generosity and pleased to acknowledge it on the DeepWardly website. Additionally, your gift as a DeepWardly Benefactor or Steward will be memorialized on a plaque at the retreat cottage.


In order to make overnight retreats possible, an architect has designed a retreat cottage (see pics above), and a realtor has found five acres of land for the cottage and my home office to be built on (see pics above), which has led me to reach out and share with you the ways in which we can partner in this exciting ministry!

The money contributed to this fund will be used to build a 655 sq. ft. retreat cottage on five acres of land in central Arkansas, just minutes from Little Rock. Not only will retreatants have access to onsite spiritual direction with a certified director, but there will also be opportunities for spiritual renewal for couples and time spent enjoying the beautiful woods! 

Labor of Love

Here are the men and women who have joined Carmel and I working on the retreat cottage land (building fences, prayer paths, etc.)

Ray Buss, Kenny Berkemeyer, Hunter Lane, Jonathan Niotis, Mark & Tonya Thomas, Chuck & Elaine Jones, Terry Turner, Todd Pence, Kenny Wine, Clarence Matthews, CJ Matthews, Barry Arnold, and Charlsie Hum​​​​, Dale Casavechia, Steve Casavechia, Deb Woody

The second way to be a part of this exciting new ministry is through memorials. Just CLICK HERE to see the memorial options. When you remember a loved one or family through one of the memorials, not only will it be acknowledged on the DeepWardly website, but a plaque honoring those individuals will be maintained at the memorial site. I hope you will prayerfully consider joining me in making spiritual formation visible and available through the retreat cottage!

Bobby & Carmen Sellinger

​Ron Dee & Katie Wright

Dr. A. & Ann Chudy

Bill & Cathy Wright​​

Kenny & Kim Wine

Kevin & Shawn Kispert

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Gary & Charlsie Hum

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