• The real "Director" in spiritual direction is the Holy Spirit, who offers inspirations and insights as you, the directee, share with me your spiritual experiences. Throughout the sessions, the Spirit will provide ah-ha moments which will offer greater clarity about how God is loving you and companioning with you.

  • As your spiritual director, I do not have everything figured out. Like you, I am learning, growing, struggling, and hoping. My spiritual director is a companion to me on my journey, just as I am a companion with you. Such companionship is an essential gift for those who are serious about their spiritual journey. 

  • One of the most important elements of spiritual direction is trust. I will trust the authenticity of your spiritual experience and help you discern how God is present in it. We will both remain open, trusting that God is Love and will always be present in our lives in gentle and peaceful ways. ​I will pray daily for you. 

DeepWardly Spiritual Direction Services

501-478-5060        Tom@DeepWardly.com​​

Beginning spiritual direction is as easy as emailing or calling (501-478-5060) and scheduling an appointment. You can also take time to print and fill out the in-take form and bring it to your first appointment, or you can complete it at the office.

Getting Started

Online Direction

Spiritual Direction is best done in person, but I also offer it by telephone, Skype, or FaceTime.  

​There are many different styles of spiritual direction. I was trained in the "evocative-contemplative" style, which means that you, as the directee, will do most of the talking during our sessions. My role will be to help evoke your experience of prayer and of God so that we can hear God's Spirit speaking through you about your relationship with God. It is very casual, peaceful, and contemplative (and often involves a cup of hot coffee or tea!).  

Different Methods