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  • For more than a decade, I wrote and recorded Christian music. While the first two CDs are very amateur, the last two were professionally mixed and mastered, one song was even played on EWTN World Wide Radio! These albums are free for you to download and enjoy! They are in M4A format (used by iTunes).



  • Most of us have favorite prayers that have helped us to describe our spiritual experience and express our deepest desires. Here is a list of some of my favorite prayers!



  • God communicates through the affective movements of our hearts-- our emotions, desires, hopes, fear, etc.  Yet, many people today have a very limited vocabulary to describe the intricate movements of their hearts. Often, that vocabulary consists of only three words--angry, happy, and sad. As we grow in being able to describe the nuances of our affective movements, we will grow in describing the nuances of God's Presence in our lives. Here is a list of feeling words that can help to name what is stirring in your heart!



  • Journaling is one of the most difficult spiritual practices to start, yet, once the habit is established, it is one of the most beneficial spiritual practices! Here are some practical tips to how to use a prayer journal.  



  • As with anything meaningful in life, spiritual direction entails preparation. How we prepare for meeting with our spiritual director will influence the spiritual fruit that we experience during and after the session.  Click here for some helpful and practical tips on preparing for spiritual direction.  

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