Interior Design leads you through a step-by-step process of naming your heart's deepest desires. This process is perfect for--

  • The person who desires a new profession, but doesn't know which one to pursue.
  • The entrepreneur who wants to launch a startup, but hasn't yet decided which venture to choose.
  • The business owner who is discerning a new direction or branch of the corporation, but feels there are too many options from which to choose. 

Interior Launch provides a practical and tangible discernment process that moves your new idea, inspiration, or innovation toward realization. Whether during one of our seminars or one-on-one, you will be led through the five interior steps of a successful launch--

  • Inspiration
  • Liberation
  • Maturation
  • Transformation
  • Realization


DeepWardly Business Incubator

DeepWardly, LLC is a unique business incubator that uses a tried-and-true, 500-year-old manual to help business owners and entrepreneurs discern and pivot inspirations, as well as redefine success. We offer two innovative and essential services for your startup or business-- Interior Design and Interior Launch. Both are rooted in the pragmatic and highly successful guide from Ignatius of Loyola, known as the Spiritual Exercises. His manual has provided clarity and direction to tens of thousands of individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, and groups throughout the centuries as they formulate new ideas, inspirations, and innovations.

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