• Private suite with a queen size bed, love seat, and private bathroom
  • Private covered patio
  • Fireplace
  • Kitchenette
  • Two-person jacuzzi massage tub​
  • Quarter-mile mulched walking trail through the woods


Cedar Ridge by DeepWardly, LLC would not exist without the generosity of the following people. Please join us in keeping these men and women in your prayers for their willingness to bring retreat ministry from a dream to a reality! 

Cedar Ridge Memorials: Mark and Tonya Thomas, Ron and Ann Lensing, Mike and Donna Stec, Wes and Cindy Choate, Martha Drillette, Our Lady of Grace Retreat Center, Sharon Gleich, Fr. David  Metz, Kenny and Alicia Berkemeyer, Rita Strickland, Will and Libby Green, Bill and Lynda Elliott

DeepWardly Benefactors ($2,000+): Mike and Kathey Boze, Barry and Jeanne Hyde, Tom and Marina Brooks, Steve and Cherry Atwell, Jeff and Vikki Neumeier

DeepWardly Stewards ($1,000-$1,999): Bill and Lynda Elliott, George and Tammy Burrell, Carol Slattery, Max and Peggy Baker, Jon and Shyril Savory, Fr. Jack Sidler, Kath Hale, Cody and Cindy Shaw

DeepWardly Friends ($1-$999): Lin and Karen Peeler, Clark and Brittany Watson, Mike Elliott and Carlo Feranil, Joe and Julie Molinaro, Becky Russell, Alice Rhoden, Brenda Leger, Anna Styn, Bobby and Carmen Sellinger, Bill and Cathy Wright, Ron D and Katie Wright, A and Ann Chudy, Kenny and Kim Wine, Kevin and Shawn Kispert, Alice Nahas, Louis and Anna Stutts, Bob and Nancy Brown, Fr. David Metz, Martha Walsh, Sharon Gleich, Lee and Debbie Butler, Barry and Chris Arnold, Dick Eschbacher, Mike and Sarah Fellona, Jennifer Verkamp, Dc. Tom and Diane Jakobs, Clay and Mary Garrett, Harold and Nancy Boerner, Debbie Hall, Rick and Donna Nolte, Rosetta Lensing, Terry and Eileen Kohnke, Ron and Becky Kinder, Adam and Jenna Compton, Charlie and Jeanne Ray, Ed and Jane Quinn, Don and Gloria Schneider, Mike and Sandra Bulmanski, Blanca Swift, Maria Kapahea, Emily Kordsmeier, Rick and Fran Cook, Cynthia Allen, Steve and Paula Sharum, Kathy Schmelzer, Dinora Reyes, Jim and Shiela Canup, Ron and Bernie Steininger, Terri Burns, Chuck and Elaine Jones, Julio and Sissy Alvarez, Betsy McNeil, Gary and Charlsie Hum, Joe and Linda Dickinson, John and Kay Smith, Danny and Dottie Murdaugh, Richard and Deanna Morehead, Brad and Brittney Owens, Faith Burke, Chris and Paula Davis, Bob and Ginny Bauer, Ralph and Cheryl Smith, John and Donna Kerr, John and Mary Wallin, John and Angie McCarthy, Jim and Nancy Quinn, Frances Wise, Dc. Dan and Carolyn Cashman, Linda Horton, Becca Carr

Construction Work on Security, Prayer Paths, and Prayer Areas and other contributions: Ray Buss, Tom Brooks, Charlsie Hum, Deb Woody, Clarence Matthews, CJ Matthews, Mike Bulmanski, Todd Pence, Terry Turner, Barry Arnold, Chuck Jones, Elaine Jones, Hunter Lane, Jon Savary, Kenny Wine, Kenny Berkemeyer, Jonathan Niotis, Mark Thomas, Tonya Thomas, John Pownall, Mary Wallin

Coming Soon: a Virtual Tour of Cedar Ridge!

Whether you're looking for an Ignatian silent retreat, marriage retreat, or simply some quiet, peaceful time alone or as a couple, Cedar Ridge is the perfect choice! You'll enjoy a completely customized stay that meets your personal needs, spiritual desires, dietary needs, and time frame.

Nestled on top of a beautiful ridge in central Arkansas, Cedar Ridge offers a handicapped accessible, mountain ranch style suite featuring all of the amenities that individuals and couples need for a relaxing and connecting getaway, including--​​

Less than 30 minutes from downtown Little Rock!

Also, feel free to call us at 501-478-5060

Book Cedar Ridge Today!

  • Optional home-cooked meals
  • ​Multiple outdoor prayer areas
  • Optional meetings with a certified spiritual director
  • Prayer recommendations and opportunities (such as renewing your vows or being led through the Spiritual Exercises)
  • Washer/dryer
  • Free Wi-Fi


Enjoy Cedar Ridge for $165/night. Are you staying more than two nights? Get discounted rates.

  • $150/night for 3-4 nights
  • $140/night for 5-7 nights
  • $125/night for 8+

All prices include breakfast and an optional spiritual direction session each day! Contact us for pricing on  additional meals.

Are you interested in a 30-day Ignatian silent retreat? Call us for special rates and details (501-478-5060).